Weather safety procedures for residents


During the spring semester, Oglethorpe and the greater Atlanta area see an increase in severe weather, power outages, and potentials for tornados and damaging winds. This message is to inform you of the policies, practices, and general information regarding severe weather in the residence halls, and on campus.

Please see each incident below for the proper steps in preparing for a severe weather incident. For more information, you can visit the campus safety website here:

In the event of severe weather on-campus, Residence Life will utilize the RAVE alert system to disseminate information and to give notice to the community about impending severe weather. To sign up for RAVE Alerts, please follow this link:

High Winds and Damaging Hail: 

High winds are categorized by sustained wind speeds greater than 40mph. During these events, it is likely that trees will be damaged, and roads or paths across campus could be impeded. If a high wind advisory is in place, or a severe thunderstorm warning is in effect, continue to stay weather aware. Stay indoors, and away from windows as much as possible. Avoid walking around campus, and use caution after the storm as downed trees, power lines, and limbs could impede roads and paths.


If a tornado warning is issued for Atlanta, or the Brookhaven area, seek shelter immediately. A RAVE alert will be sent to the campus community in the event of a tornado warning.

Things to remember: 

If you are outside, seek shelter in the closest building to you. If you are indoors, go to the lowest level of the building, away from windows. If you are in Jobe-Hansen, Bowden-Magbee, Dempsey, or any academic building please get to the first floor of the building, and go to an interior room away from doors or windows. If you are in Traer or any upper-quad building your safest locations are in the bathrooms of your buildings. Cover your head with a pillow, mattress, or with your hands.

If you must go to an area with a large number of people, please remember to wear a mask, as close proximity might be required for safety.

Please wait for an all-clear from a RAVE alert before leaving your building or room.

During a tornado, trees, power lines, and large branches can impede roads and paths. Please use caution when going outside in the immediate aftermath of a tornado.

Campus Power Outages:

In the event of a power outage, some campus facilities are equipped with emergency generators to power critical operations. Most buildings have emergency lighting to aid in the safe evacuation of the building.

To report a campus power outage, please contact Campus Safety at 404-504-1998. Campus Safety, along with our facilities management team, will work to identify the issue and work on a solution as quickly as possible. Information will be shared via email, text, or RAVE Alerts.

Please note, all card-activated doors will work during a power outage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email, and to familiarize yourself with the policies, practices, and procedures related to severe weather on campus.

-Residence Life & Campus Safety